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Caterconsult, Inc. is proud of our affiliation with industry leader Lean Kitchen Solutions and The Diner-Mite® modular foodservice kitchen.

A "Lean Kitchen" is green kitchen ... and a whole lot more.
Start from scratch or improve upon what you have.

Lean Kitchen Solutions leads the industry in creating efficient and ergonomic designs for commercial kitchens ... and they do it for LESS.

  • Reduce waste
  • Maximize space
  • Lower construction & equipment costs

Give us a call at 847-514-7166 for more information.

"Jody is engaging, extremely creative and very knowledgeable, she loves what she does. Jody truly listens to what we have to say. She does not provide canned answers to difficult challenges, but thinks things through with integrity & purpose. Her life experience as a struggling yet successful business owner, affords her these skills. I would recommend Jody to anyone and any company with a desire to improve the way they do business."

- Michelle Talarico

"Jody does not consult from an ivory tower nor hawk an abstract theory. You will find Jody energized with both shirt sleeves rolled up high propelling her own business forward. You will be able to tap and leverage Jody's own successes and the wisdom she has gained from solving strategic and practical business problems to create your own roadmap that will accelerate the growth of your business."

- Scott Green

"I have always looked to Jody for advice ... now I have to pay for it! Jody has been such an incredible inspiration both personally and professionally. She is amazingly resourceful and plays an important role in our current success. From the outside looking in, from strategic planning to E-mail marketing, there is no one more personable or insightful."

- Kathy Dreiling

"Jody breaks down the complex issues and puts everything into a language we can understand. She has helped us in many ways that are immeasurable. She is honest, diplomatic and knowledgeable, but most importantly, I always know she is looking out for our best interests."

- Barbara Ward


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